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  1. I’m reading this in March 2024, and had the great joy of visiting the cathedral in 1965 with my parents when we lived there. The “Father Forgive” cross in the old nave gave me great hope. Visiting again in 2005 before a visit to Israel and Palestine in 2005. I saw the exhaustion of the Jews about living in a war zone, after the Holocaust, and the despair of the Palestinians. I was relieved to leave. I’m sharing the Standing-Together US and Canadian March tour with every single friend I have. Hope, we have to have hope! My faith – I’m now a Quaker – is centred on peace with all nations, all backgrounds. God bless you for reading this!

      • Philip, happy Easter! Just got your newsletter, which I’m sharing with some faith filled friends. The charity emailed it to people, to avoid protests and attacks in the US. I’m sure we can appreciate that, as being peace filled and loving others means disbelief and we encounter hatred. My concern for the South African indigenous population in the 1960s also received ire, disbelief and many insults. I stuck with my principles. Am so proud I lived in Coventry, for just 14 months. I love your city and my first boyfriend lived in Coventry too. Up the sky blues!

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