The theme of the first-ever Coventry Peace Day is Come Together for Peace.

We believe that if people of different nationalities, religions, races or cultures meet and if possible work together to achieve a goal, this will foster peace by helping them overcome ignorance and prejudice.

We will achieve our goal by:

  1. Suggesting some fun things people might try to achieve together.
  2. Facilitating ways people can meet others of a different nationality, religion, race or cultures.
  3. Encouraging them to meet and work together to achieve a common goal.
  4. Staging a number of live events where the same aim can be achieved.

Below you will find a list of suggestions for what you can do. Or you might think of your own ideas!

Let others know what you are planning by using the hashtag #CovPeaceDay

And please encourage your family, friends, fellow workers or local community to get involved by sending them to this page using the shortcut

United Nations

Coventry Peace Day is organised by Coventry United Nations Association on International Day of Peace 2016.

For its part, in 2016 the United Nations is encouraging you to think about how the Sustainable Development Goals can promote peace by “ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring broadly shared prosperity all contribute to global harmony…When people feel secure in their abilities to provide for their families, when they are given access to the resources they need to live healthy lives, and when they feel truly included in their societies, then they are much less likely to engage in conflict.”

Help Refugee Children

Coventry Peace Day will be raising money during the day to help refugee children in Coventry. The money will be managed by Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre. Please help us support them on Coventry Peace Day.

Run Your Own Event!

Anyone can run an event on Coventry Day of Peace! Please let us know about your event using the Comments box below or the Add/Edit page.

Donate to Coventry Day of Peace

If you manage to raise some money, please use the page to send it to us. Thank you!

Planned Events

Click here to see a list of planned events

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